Moody E-mail Signature Set-Up Instructions

Locate your primary ministry below and click on the name to download the instructions to set up your e-mail signature (PC and Mac included).

Note: Those receiving emails from Mac-based Moody computers have reported the logo is unusually small; therefore, in the email signature block instructions below the Mac version contains a slightly larger logo. If those receiving emails from you are not experiencing this issue, please feel free to use the logo from the PC email signature block which is slightly smaller.

Please refer to the FAQ for more information about the e-mail signature blocks. It answers the following questions.

  • Is the provided signature for external and internal e-mail correspondence?
  • What font should I use in the body of e-mail correspondence?
  • Can I include social media information and icons in the signature?
  • Do I have to include the logo in my signature?
  • Can I include my fax or cell phone number?
  • Can I include one of Moody’s 800 numbers?
  • Can I use a different website address and/or logo?
  • The logo in my e-mail signature is hyperlinked to a Web page that doesn’t exist. How do I remove the hyperlink?
  • Is there a signature available for mobile platforms?
  • Is there a signature available for Moody’s Outlook Web App?
  • Can I personalize my signature or e-mail with a quote or stationary?
  • Can I use other colors or formatting in the body copy besides black?
  • Why isn’t my e-mail address in the signature block?

If you have any questions while setting up your e-mail signature, please contact the Public Relations department at or 312-329-4336.

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