Our team is excited to work with and for you. Follow the process below to start a new project.

  1. You: Jacob Iverson at or Katie Williams at to start a project.
  2. Our Team: Will consult with you regarding project needs, timeline and objectives.
  3. Together We: Define the scope of your project.
  4. Our Creatives: Design, write, craft and develop your project.
  5. Together We: Review your project with you until it meets your needs.

Once approved, your project will go to print or be published electronically.

Completion Time


Web banner or ad 1 week
Business Cards 4 weeks
Flier/Poster 4 weeks
Postcard 4 weeks
Print Ad 4 weeks
Stationary Items 4 weeks
Vinyl Outdoor Banner 4 weeks
Direct Mail Letter 5 weeks
Email 5 weeks
Retractable 6 foot banner 6 weeks
Brochure    8 weeks
Landing page 8 weeks
Folder 8 weeks
Sell Sheets (40 total) 6 months


Please note:

  • The above times are only estimates, reflecting average turn times, including 2-3 drafts for client review/approval. They do not include directly reprinted materials with no changes
  • Times above are for one size and one version unless denoted.
  • A project begins when all content and direction is received from the project contact. The contact must meet deadlines for rounds of review.
  • Extensive writing projects can require an additional 4 weeks and may be longer during busy times.
  • Turn times are dependent on other projects in the queue in Integrated Marketing Communications.
  • Outside vendors apply additional charges for rush projects. Standard print turn time for many projects is two weeks and may vary depending on the features of each piece.
  • IMC is responsible for creating all public facing materials and must oversee print production.

Creative Brief Form

If you don't have access to Workamajig, please use the Creative Brief Form to start a project.

Creative Brief Form 

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