Google Conversion Resources

ITS has requested we stop using Google forms, sheets, documents, and any other browser apps Google provides for security purposes.

Even if you create a Google account with your email, because there is no way to directly tie it back to the institute, the account cannot be securely monitored or close your account after a departure.

Below are two resources for you as you stop using Google apps.

Google Forms

Google forms are not secure and submissions are not easily monitored or put within Moody's Rolodex. MSC provides secure alternatives that are synced with the platforms we use for communication. There are three types of forms and below are the ways you can request them.

  1. General form: 
  2. Surveys:
  3. Registration form for an event:
    • Access the Events Marketing and Management (EMM) Portal by going to
    • On the left-hand side menu, choose Internal, External, or Studnet Event Request.
    • Fill out the form at the bottom of the request page.
    • EMM will contact you to create your registration form and facilitate your event.

Google Documents