Time & Task Needs Worksheet

This Worksheet will have mutual benefit for you in your role as well as for Project Management. Your input will shape how Project Management works with you by:

  1. Outlining all your project types so that the PM team can assign projects more efficiently, and
  2. Defining your timeline expectations to train Ministry Partners on required timelines and lead times.

Take a look at a completed Time & Task worksheet example and download a blank template to use.

Download Blank Worksheet Template

Download Example Worksheet


Instructions: How to Fill out the Time & Task Worksheet

  1. View an Example: Download the Example Worksheet to view a sample of what to include.
  2. Download your own worksheet (attached in your email) and share it as a team so everyone can make edits.
  3. Update the file name to include your team and names.
  4. Once you open the file, add your team/names to the blank sections of the worksheet.
  5. For the "Projects" tab, create a list of all the typical projects that show up on your Workamajig (refer to the Example Worksheet for ideas).
  6. In the additional columns, please list out the following times required for you to successfully complete your work: Lead Time, Days Needed, Hours Needed, Max. Estimated Hours.
  7. For the "Available Hours" tab, create a list of your work categories (refer to the Example Worksheet for categories or read these articles from Michael Hyatt: “How to Better Control Your Time by Designing Your Ideal Week” and “Before You Create a To-Do List”).
  8. Enter the ideal number of hours you would like to dedicate to each of your priorities. This will be the best way to communicate the balance of projects you need to work on consistently. If there is a type of work you never are able to get to, please add it here!
  9. Once you have the worksheet filled out, save it as an Excel file and then upload it to the form at the bottom of this page.


Tips for Completing the Time & Task Worksheet

  • Collaborate: It will be best for you to work on this as a team. Work with your manager to create a shared document (we recommend uploading it via Teams as a live document), and then each team member can add to their portion of the worksheet.
  • Estimating Time Needed: If you currently track your time on your own, come up with an average for each task you work on. Leave yourself some margin, so if you know something takes 40-45 minutes, go ahead and log it as 1 hour.
  • If you do not currently track your time, we recommend using https://track.toggl.com/timer for a 2-week period. You can also look back at your Workamajig project logs for reference.
  • Estimating Lead Time: Lead time is how much notice you need ahead of time to successfully dedicate time to a project or task. For individual tasks, this is the minimum turnaround time you need; for larger projects and campaigns, accommodate more time for things like research, strategy development, etc.
  • Creating Margin: if you had margin in your schedule, what type of work would you finally have time to do? This could be audits, maintenance, organization, or process improvement. Add these items to the "Task" portion of your worksheet


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